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Tired of hitting the same scene over and over? If you want to change it up and find a challenging new spot or skate park, is the place to do it. Search our comprehensive database of skate parks and other popular locations, or add your hang-out to the list.



You’ve already upgraded to your new board, but your old one is still fine…or, you have a collection of wheels, bearings, or trucks you’ll never use again. Sound familiar? Use to sell or, better yet, donate your used gear to someone new to the sport stoked about learning. is the place to sell or buy (used only) skateboardin’ gear.

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The skateboardin’ community encompasses a ginormous gang (OR alternately, diverse group) of skateboarders from top athletes in the industry to amateur skaters in the largest cities and the smallest towns across the globe. Take the opportunity to connect with the pros, the skaters in your hometown, and skaters in towns around the world, at the same time. Join the conversation!

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